Samantha Chic: Music // "Believer" by American Authors


Music // "Believer" by American Authors

So, remember last month when I encouraged everyone to have a Bright New Year? Well, this month, I’m encouraging you to be believers – in yourself, your style, your skills, your job, your life, whatever! 

And what better way to get into a confident mood than with a song? American Author’s song “Believer” is just the one you need. 

The song focuses on admitting things we all fell: sheltered scared nervous, jealous, slow, hurtful, etc. “I’m just a believer that things will get better/Some can take it or leave it/But I don’t want to let it go,” they sing. 

And don’t let go of that feeling either. When you think you might, watch this video again because how great is it that they feature real people who also believe?

What do you think of this song? Tell me in the comments.

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