Samantha Chic: Style // Gwen Stefani's Polka Dot Sweater & Olive Pants


Style // Gwen Stefani's Polka Dot Sweater & Olive Pants

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Sunglasses: Forever 21 $5.80
Sweater: Delia's $34.50 
Pants: H&M $34.95
Boots: Target $34.99
TOTAL: $110.24

I’m so guilty of only wearing black and grey during the winter months but Gwen Stafani’s outfit here inspires me to start reaching out to other winter colors and begin embracing spring. 

The sweater might be a dark color but the funky pattern makes it playful. Also, green pants are a great alternative to dark jeans, black or grey. 

The lighter colored sunglasses are a great way to start introducing some color back into your winter wardrobe. 

If you're looking to splurge a little bit, you can get the exact MICHAEL Michael Kors sweater that Gwen is wearing for $120.

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  1. I have to force myself to wear color! Black is so much more comfortable. Not sure I could rock the dots, but the green pants r a good start!

    1. Oh, trust me, I know! Green is definitely a way to keep in the same color palette but still try something new. If you're feeling really bold, I've been rocking red pants with black and white tops recently and I've gotta say, I like it!


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