Samantha Chic: Fresh Finds: April Bath & Shower Body Cream Coconut


Fresh Finds: April Bath & Shower Body Cream Coconut

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What it is: April Bath & Shower Coconut Scented Maximum Moisture Body Cream

What they say: Smooth and soften dry skin with a lotion bursting with moisture and the fragrant tropical scent of coconut. 

Our April Bath and Shower fast absorbing body cream is formulated with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax to seal in moisture and soften dry, rough skin.

How to use: Apply over body after bathing and showering. Repeat as necessary.

What I think: Lotions, body butter, body cream – the richer (in texture and price!), the better, right? Wrong! 

I want you to throw out everything you ever knew about body lotion because I’m about to blow your mind. 

The best – and I mean the VERY best – lotion I have ever used I pick up at the Dollar Tree! 

It is the fastest and most absorbing lotion unlike others which feel like they’re still sitting there on your skin like a layer of film hours later. 

It packs a punch without being too thick and the scent is light enough not to irritate but still give you that “Ahhh, relaxation” feeling. 

For me, there is nothing better than this lotion. I use it year round to combat both dry winter skin and sunburned summer skin. This is it for me! 

The best part – it’s only $1! 

Time to put away those leggings because Spring is officially here and you'll be ready to show off your legs after using this product, trust me!

Buy it online: April Body Cream Coconut at Dollar Tree $1 for 6.8 oz.

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    Have you heard about "Organic Surge Bergamot Body Lotion" its detailed info is available here in above link. From your shared body cream and one which I have shared here which one is better. I mean to say which is best for daily use and don't have any side effect on the skin. Because my skin is allergic to body lotions. Please help me if possible.

    1. Please check out zero chemical body butters that will feel great and smell yummy too.


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