Samantha Chic: Music // "Yes Yes (Magic Man Remix)" by The Colourist


Music // "Yes Yes (Magic Man Remix)" by The Colourist

While The Colourist may be a new band, they’re well on their way to making a name for themselves in the industry. As they say on their Twitter, they’re a “majestic rock music band” and it’s clear their indie sound is bound to be a hit. After their first hit Little Games was released, just four months ago, I was looking out for more.

Enter Magic Man, a 5-member synth rock band from Providence, RI. They took Yes Yes and created a more upbeat synthesized version of the original. So whether you’re laying by the pool or road tripping with friends this chill sound is a must along the way.

-- Guest post by Naomi with Nouveau Dating

Naomi is a 20-something blogger based in Denver. Although her day job consists of blogging on love and the unpredictable dating scene, she is passionate about music and wants to share some remixes with you. Check her out on twitter @naomirouff and on Nouveau Dating for more entertainment.

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