Samantha Chic: Ask Samantha Chic: Winter Workplace Inspiration


Ask Samantha Chic: Winter Workplace Inspiration

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks so much for your question! As a fellow temperate climate resident, I completely understand the pain of trying to keep warm, but still look chic and presentable among all the layers that come with winter workplace fashion.

Here's some tips and ideas to get you started...

As soon as the weather starts to change, I'm busting out my tights because they're such a great option to give summer dresses and skirts greater longevity and also keeps things more on the business side. If your office is strict, choose opaque tights in basic colors (black, navy and brown). However, if you've got some room to work with, you can make things a little more playful with different patterns and colors. Avoid fishnets at all costs -- unless your job is similar to Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

I just recently discovered the awesomeness that is the twill bootcut pant. So far, Alloy is the only brand I've found that makes a good pair that are still budget friendly. When your workplace leans more to the business casual/relaxed side of things, these are a great way to stay comfortable and still look chic. These have some stretch so they're just as comfortable as jeans. However, the material and bootcut shape are going to keep that professionalism you can't always get with jeans. Also, keeping a neutral color pant will allow you to have fun with your tops and accessories.

Shop these pairs here, here, here, here and here.

It's good to build a base of basic sweaters and cardigans -- classics cuts (turtlenecks, v-neck cardigans, cable knit) in black, gray, beige and emerald colors. But this is also a chance to show a little of your personality if you have a more casual office. Different textures, prints and colors are going to add variety. For the most part though, watch the fit. Slouchy sweaters might look great with skinny jeans on the weekends, but it doesn't always translate in the office.

Blazers are a great way to top off a business look if you have a strict workplace wardrobe, but also dress up jeans if you have a more relaxed attire. I tend to look for more open-cut types that allow you to show off an interesting shirt or necklace underneath. Also, look for blazers that have about 4 or 5 percent spandex because that will be enough to keep the shape intact, but still give it stretch so you don't have that boxed in feeling.

Blue H&M sweater available here.

Last, but certainly not least, is outwear. Even when you're office is warm in the winter, you still want to be coming and going in style. A lot of times, a coat can make the outfit in the winter because it conceals most of your outfit, so you could be wearing PJs underneath and it would still look chic (though I highly recommend not wearing PJs outside of the house). Look for options that have a belt, banding, or cinching at the waist since this will keep pull things together and keep it from looking sloppy.

When all else fails, I've started asking myself "WWOPW" -- What Would Olivia Pope Wear! (See my Scandal post here).

Hope this helps! Stay chic this winter, Lindsay!

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