Samantha Chic: Fresh Finds: Dove Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty Deodorant


Fresh Finds: Dove Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty Deodorant

What it is: Dove Go Sleeveless Nourished Beauty Deodorant

What they say: The only anti-perspirant/deodorant with unique ¼ moisturizers and vitamins E and F. It goes beyond 48-hour odor and wetness protection to help replenish delicate underarm skin—leaving it softer, smoother and ready to reveal in just five days. The gentle formula stays on skin, not on clothes, to provide superior care. Good-bye sleeves. Hello beautiful underarms!

How to use: Apply to under arms only.

What I think: This isn't my everyday deodorant, but it's still a great go-to for both summer and winter because it provides so many moisturizers to your under arms.

I use this one typically when I get out the shower. The biggest selling point is that it's gentle enough to use on just shaved under arms without causing any irritation.

It keeps under arms smooth and free of razor burn or discoloration from shaving in the summer and then keeps things from getting too dry or flaky in the winter.

I usually shower at night (so my hair can air dry!) which means I'm applying it at night as well and can verify that it is long-lasting.

On those last-minute mornings when you're running late, if you've applied this the night before, you're usually OK until you can sneak off to the office bathroom later in the day.

Buy it online: Target $3.89 for 2.6 oz.

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