Samantha Chic: One Year Anniversary!


One Year Anniversary!

I'm very fortunate that around the same time we were giving thanks for all our blessings in life, I was also celebrating my one-year anniversary!

My road to blogging actually grew out of hearing numerous people say "I love your outfit! Where did you get it?" and my mother telling me I should just start a blog to simplify the process and share my budget chic fashion finds with everyone.

(At the time, I believe my response was "But I don't want to be a blogger! I want to be a hard-hitting journalist, Mom!" Yes, I was one of those people. Luckily, I've converted!)

It wasn't until last year though when I was going through a personally tough time that I finally got up the courage to start blogging. 

It's actually pretty scary -- putting yourself and your work out there a few days a week and wondering if someone is going to judge you, will anyone actually read this, what if no one visits?

But my fears dissipated once I saw those page views grow and began hearing from you -- the readers who have followed me on this journey for the past 365 days.

To celebrate, I've got a few things up my sleeve this week (here's a teaser: giveaway!) so be sure to check back.

Most importantly though, thank you! 

Thank you to each person who have ever clicked on this site and every one who's found some inspiration. You're the reason I do this and I'm so very happy that I finally did decide to start a blog.

Much love,


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