Samantha Chic: Super Style Steals: Jamie Chung


Super Style Steals: Jamie Chung

Pants: Style & Co.
Heels: Go Jane 
Clutch: ASOS (sale)
TOTAL: $148.07

Dare to wear white after Labor Day by taking cues from Jamie Chung. First, her blazer is more of a creamy white than a stark, bright white (what some people refer to as a "winter white").

It might seem crazy to talk about different shades of white, but it really does stand true. The more bright the white is in the winter, the more into faux pas territory it gets.

Secondly, Jamie keeps the rest of her outfit mostly dark and neutral with black pants and a very wintery color t-shirt in emerald.

The graphic accessories in the same color palette offer an edge without detracting.

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    1. I almost bought it for myself while creating this post... I've actually checked to see if it's still available a few times since then, too! LOL -- SC


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