Samantha Chic: H&M Launches First Products from Recycled Textile Fibers


H&M Launches First Products from Recycled Textile Fibers

This February 2014 H&M will launch the first products made of recycled textile fibers from garments collected from their Garment Collecting Initiative.

“The trend is moving more and more towards working with recycled fabrics and as a designer you of course want to work with the latest trends and developments.” says Jon Loman, the concept designer who worked with the recycled denim fabric, in a press release.

“It feels good to do something that both we and our customers believe in and that benefits the environment”

The goal is to use more and more post-consumer recycled materials. The new jeans collection contains 20% recycled cotton, which is the maximum amount that can be used today when making new fabric without compromising the quality.

What do you think about this new denim collection? Will you purchase any items?

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