Samantha Chic: The Grammy Awards 2014: Best Dressed


The Grammy Awards 2014: Best Dressed

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Is it just me or were the Grammy's a little dull this year when it came to red carpet fashion? Either way, there were some definite hits to be noted...

Ariana Grande -- I'm not sure if wear this outfit to the Grammy's, but Ariana looks so sweet and sophisticated in this look that I just couldn't pass it up. 

Judith Hill -- My favorite look of the  night came from Judith Hill. This look is not only young and fresh (mini skirt and sequins!), but also still classy (black & white and long selves for balance). It's just a sharp look that makes an impact and she look so happy to be there!

Katy Perry -- Last, but certainly not least, is Katy Perry who is know to rock some crazy outfits. This might be one of her more tone downed looks, but she keeps things whimsical with the music notes (also very appropriate for the Grammy's).

Also, as a side note I'm sorry these got up a little later than usually. I moved over the weekend and didn't have Internet until today!

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