Samantha Chic: Best of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 Shows


Best of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 Shows

Is there anything better than a slice of pizza, some gelato, some pasta and some amazing fashion? Nope, I didn't think so -- and neither do the Italian designers!

Milan Fashion Week gave us everything from all ends of the spectrum -- minimalist structures to over-the-top furs, bold in-your-face colors to neutral toned down shades, sporty to romantic. Here are some of my favorites...

Roberto Cavalli sent down some of the edgiest looks of the week proving that rocker style can still be chic and fashionable. To say I want all of these would be an understatement, it's more of a need. Especially that middle look. Talk about rocker chic!

Gucci was a throwback and erred on the side of minimalism, but there's nothing old and nothing minimal about this collection. Monochrome looks they may be, but look at the details when it comes to fabrics and edging. That middle look is perfect for a casual weekend.

Bluemarine sent out a variety of looks, but each and every one of them was as silky and luxurious as the last one. The blues used in this collection have inspired me to start pairing navy and teal this Fall. I'm not sure where anyone would wear that cape, but, c'mon, it's nothing short of amazing!

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