Samantha Chic: Fresh Finds: Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil


Fresh Finds: Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

What it is: Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

What they say: Spectrum Naturals: Coconut Oil in a 14 fl oz size is a versatile oil designed for cooking, and it offers many other household uses.

How to use: For body care, place jar in warm water to liquefy. Massage into skin or apply to hair for one hour then rinse thoroughly.

What I think: This product may be more likely to be found in a kitchen than a bathroom, but, honestly, I've never used it for cooking.

As any fellow Northeastern resident can attest to, this winter has been harsh on skin and hair. I don't remember being this dried out in a while. Gust of winds up to 50 mph, little to no humidity, subzero temperatures -- it's been rough! So much so my regularly moisturizer just wouldn't cut it anymore.

I started using coconut oil as a monthly deep conditioning treatment last summer, but I've been putting it to good use the past few weeks on my hair, my cuticles, my feet and my legs.

Damaged hair and split ends - gone! Dry, flaky skin and razor burn after shaving - gone! Peeling cuticles and weakened nails - gone! It really has been my save-all this winter.

For hair care, I scoop out some product (it tends to gel up when cold) and massage it in my hands until it turns to liquid then I apply it to dry hair until it's completely saturated.

I wrap it in a shower cap then go about my business for an hour or so before shampooing (at least two to three times to make sure all the product is out).

For skin care, I again massage it in my hands to make it a liquid then rub it into slightly damp skin right out of the shower. Any leftover gets rubbed onto my hands.

For foot care, I warm it up and apply directly to feet focusing on any dry spots then wrap them up in socks to let it soak in overnight.

I've also used coconut oil to relieve itchy bug bites and treat minor cuts because of it's antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Buy it online: Unbeatable Sale $33.15 for three 15 oz jars

What do you think about this product? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. I love using coconut oil! I usually use it at night after I wash my face, and I've also found that it is the world's BEST eye makeup remover.

    1. I have yet to use it on my face (oily skin), but I've heard great things! -- SC


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