Samantha Chic: 2014 BET Awards: Best Dressed


2014 BET Awards: Best Dressed

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Last night's BET Awards brought out styles from all across the board -- from sexy to girly to sporty. Here are three of my favorites...

Kerry Washington -- Didn't she just have a baby like two months ago. Well, Scandal's leading lady clearly handled the runway at last night's awards. she looks super sweet and girly (and fit!) in this floral dress. 

Michelle Williams -- I love everything about this look on Michelle -- the cutout details, the color, which looks amazing on here, the super sleek hair -- it's just perfect.

Zendaya -- I was surprised by this one. There's a lot going on, but it seems to work in a dressy-sporty way. I really like the periwinkle color and the varsity jack and is on trend right now.

What was your favorite look of the night? Tell me in the comments below.

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