Samantha Chic: Good Reads: "Eightysixed" by Emily Belden + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]


Good Reads: "Eightysixed" by Emily Belden + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Photo courtesy of Emily Belden
This is actually the story of a girl (I know her well) who attempted to take control of things that were wildly beyond her. After all, isn't that what all twenty-somethings are encouraged to do?

Within the first few pages of her debut book, "Eightysixed" the story is set for Emily Belden.

Emily has a smart humor, a penchant for dropping cultural references, a lot more courage than I could ever muster, and a journey to find love that I'm pretty sure we all can relate to on some level.

She was not only gracious enough to chat with me about her book, but also is giving away a free copy of the eBook and signed bookmark to one lucky reader!

Here's what she had to say...

What was it like writing and putting so much of your personal life out there?

Because the book didn't start as a book (it started as just my own sort of Dear Diary on steroids), I was able to be vulnerable, honest, and awkward without the thoughts of "What will my mother think of this?"

After I decided to make it a book, I realized the damage had been done and there was no turning back. I had to see this through, and not care what anyone else would think. In hindsight, that's some solid life advice right there.
Photo courtesy of Emily Belden

Have you spoken to Floris since publishing? If so, what was his reaction?

I have not spoken to him, no. My publisher reached out on my behalf to send him an advance-review copy and get his feedback/approval on being included in the book. He, of course, was all-in. Surprised, shocked, and flattered...but all-in. 

In fact, one of his comments back to my publisher in his original email ended up as a quote for the back of the book. How cool, right?

You outline lessons learned in the book. What have you learned since then?

-- Don't make it a habit to cancel on people.
-- Make most of what you do come from a place of love.
-- Be the most authentic version of yourself.
-- Eat dessert. 

What advice do you have for women navigating a break-up or the current world of dating?

A lot of people say "Eye on the prize" when it comes to dating. Remind yourself that YOU are the prize. 

As far as the break-up situation goes, take it as an opportunity to get back to yourself. We all give up a piece of ourselves when we are with someone else - it's only natural. 

Maybe you didn't work out as much when you were with that guy. Well, then hit the lake path again. For me, I didn't write as much. So when I was single I would bang out thousands of words at a time.
Emily and her now husband, Ryan
Photo courtesy of Emily Belden
So, now that you're hooked you can enter to win a free eBook of "Eightsixed" and a signed bookmark from Emily.

All Samantha Chic readers will receive a discount on the book as well using the codes below.

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Contest is open until 9 p.m. EST Sunday, June 8. Winner will be announced on Monday, June 9. Good luck and happy reading!

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