Samantha Chic: Samantha Chic: June 2014 Stitch Fix Review


Samantha Chic: June 2014 Stitch Fix Review

This is my second Stitch Fix (check out my first here) and I was a bit underwhelmed. My stylist, Elle, said, "I wanted to have a mix-and-match essence to this Fix, and send some quality staple pieces."

I love a good staple, but the price points were a little too high for me. There's 4 or 5 pricing options and I had selected "$50 to $100" for most pieces, which is the second lowest option.

I've since updated my profile to the the lowest, "the cheaper, the better," to see how things turn out. I also created a Pinterest board of outfit ideas after reading other reviews.

Here's what I got in my second box. The pieces ranged from $68 to $88 each for a total of $410. After the $20 styling fee and 25% discount, the whole box could be purchased for $292.50.

Photo via Instagram @SamanthaCossick
Pomelo Darcy Weave Jersey T-Shirt Dress $68 | STATUS: Sent back

My boyfriend actually liked this dress a lot more than me.

You can't see it as well in the pictures, but it had a faux-bandage look with thin silver-ish stripes (thus the "weave" part), which I felt just didn't lay right or look flattering.

I mostly wear A-line dresses, but I'm not opposed to other styles. This dress though just made me feel "Ehh, it's OK."

Image via Instagram @SamanthaCossick
Just Black Lauri Ankle Length Distressed Boyfriend Jean $88 | STATUS: Sent Back

Almost as soon as I put these jeans on, it was clear they'd be too big even as a boyfriend cut -- which is a good thing: I've been trying really hard to eat right and exercise this year!

So even though they were my regular size, they were just way too big on me. I'm not huge on the boyfriend cuts either, but maybe in the future with a better size.

Image via Instagram @SamanthaCossick
Splendid Beth Hi-Lo Striped Knit Shirt $78 | STATUS: Sent back

I wasn't crazy about this shirt when I first saw it, but after styling, it really grew on me -- especially with the yellow skirt.

However, for $78 I just couldn't do it. As a friend pointed out, you could easily get something similar for about 1/5 of the price at Old Navy or Forever 21.

Photo via Instagram @SamanthaCossick
Tart Rhonwen French Terry & Lace Layered Shirt $88 | STATUS: Sent Back

I tried to show the details in the back, but it's hard to see. The back split and had a peek-a-boo lace portion on the bottom two-thirds ...which I thought was cool, but my boyfriend pointed out that I "forgot to button the back."

Again, I just couldn't see spending $88 on a long-sleeve, especially since summer is coming up.

Photo via Instagram @SamanthaCossick
41Hawthorn Carson Silk Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse $88 | STATUS: Sent Back

I really, really struggled with whether or not to keep this shirt. I liked it a lot and thought it was really flattering, but again, the price points were just too high for me.

I've definitely seen similar pieces at Forever 21 so ultimately I decided to send it back.

So, that was my second box! I ended up not keeping any of the pieces, but I'm still excited to see what I get next month.

Tell me what you think about Stitch Fix in the comments below. If you're interested in Stitch Fix, you can sign up using my referral code here!

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