Samantha Chic: {ENTER TO WIN} Beauty Grew All Around: My beauty story & #ShareBeauty Giveaway


{ENTER TO WIN} Beauty Grew All Around: My beauty story & #ShareBeauty Giveaway

My favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, once said that "Happy girls are the prettiest girls," and that is true. But as well all know, perceptions of "pretty" and "beautiful" don't always match how we look and feel.

But Refinery 29 & the Regency Beauty Institute is taking a stand to #ShareBeauty.

First, check out the video. Now, let's have a talk.

What is beauty?
I remember being a teenager in the early to mid-2000s when "beauty" was basically the opposite of me -- slender, blonde, thin eyebrows, tanned skin, etc. Think Kate Bosworth, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, Kirstin Dunst... you get the picture.

I felt out of place with my brown, limp hair,  bushy eyebrows, and pale skin. 

We all have a feature we identify as "our thing"-- mine is my hair. But, boy, do I have some horror stories about going to salons.

I felt like Goldilocks -- this one cut it too short, this one never cut enough, this one nearly fried it all off in a perm gone bad, this one used Farrah Fawcett's as her muse.

But finally, I found just the right one. Her salon was more than an hour away, but it was worth the drive because my (now damaged) hair was slowly starting to recover. The cut, she always said, was simple, but I felt transformed.

She gave the products I needed to keep it healthy. She taught me quick and easy, but chic styles. She gave me the confidence to break out of my comfort zone, which was the first time I dyed my hair red.

With my hair finally on track, I slowly began to realize that everything else about me might now be what's trendy in beauty right now. But it's uniquely me.

Enter to Win
So, now it's your turn to #ShareBeauty, and, oh yeah, possibly win $2,000 in beauty swag.

Every Monday, Refinery 29 will reveal a beauty trend for summer, then you have one week to show how you rock the look.

Click here to learn what is itThen take a pic and tag it with #ShareBeautyContest on Instagram.

What could you win? A $1,000 Sephora gift care and a $1,000 treat-yo'self package with a beauty makeover, mani/pedi, blowout, facial and spa treatment.

So go get snappin', you gorgeous thing you!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Regency Beauty Institute. Compensation was provided. All views are my own.

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