Samantha Chic: Music Monday: "Get Hurt" by The Gaslight Anthem


Music Monday: "Get Hurt" by The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem just released the video for their latest single, "Get Hurt," on Thursday. The new album is coming Aug. 12, but for now, we have a little taste.

This song is slow and haunting, something they've done on almost every album (and beautifully, I might add), but not usually as a single. I've been following them since 2007 and I love the progression on each album. They do a really good job, in my opinion, of keeping with their sound, while still pushing boundaries and trying new things.

Fun Fact: Not only are they my favorite band, they were also featured as my first ever post on Samantha Chic!

What do you think of the song? Tell me in the comments below!

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