Samantha Chic: 8.23.14 In case you missed it...


8.23.14 In case you missed it...

I've rounded up what's hot this week with 5 trending stories...

The most read post from this week on Samantha Chic is... my review of "The Vacationers" by Emma Straub!

1. Lucky Magazine shares 13 hot trends to try before summer ends.

2. Refinery 29 shares some of the most powerful images out of Ferguson, Mo. This Google Document also outlines how you can get involved.

3. Harper's Bazaar has a first look at the shoe line that blogger Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea designed with Steve Madden.

4. StyleCaster shares 7 top trends for Fall inspired by Old Hollywood. Here's looking at you, Lauren Bacall!

5. POPSUGAR shares 28 recipes to get your fresh berry fix before the summer is over.

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