Samantha Chic: Bold Brows: My One-Two Punch


Bold Brows: My One-Two Punch

I've written reviews on It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil and Chella Highlighter Pencil, but I wanted to share how I use them together to get my best bold brows.

I like to fill them in for a couple of reasons: 1) Bold brows are in right now, 2) Bold brows help frame your face when wearing glasses, and 3) Bold brows help balance a different hair color (I'm currently rocking a shade of red that doesn't match my brows).

So, how to fill them in and look natural?

  1. Ahape your brows using whichever method you prefer (tweezing, waxing, threading, etc.)
  2. Using the brow pencil, start in the center of your brows -- this is where they are most naturally full & dark -- use short, thin strokes to fill inside the brow shape.
  3. Move toward the inner corner of your eyes using short, thin strokes to fill inside the brow shape.
  4. Using the spool brush, brush brows up and outward to blend the color for a natural look.
  5. Using the highlighter pencil, apply highlighter directly under the arch of your brow. Blend with your finger into skin avoiding the brow.
  6. Fix any mistakes with concealer or make-up remover.
And there you have it!

If you're trying to grow your brows out, you can work slightly outside the natural shape, but too far. As they keep growing in, keep working slightly outside until you reach your desired shape.

How do you get your best brows? Tell me in the comments below.

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