Samantha Chic: Fresh Finds: Vidal Sassoon ColorFinity Dry Shampoo


Fresh Finds: Vidal Sassoon ColorFinity Dry Shampoo

What it is: Vidal Sassoon ColorFinity Dry Shampoo

What they say: Our formula with lightweight refreshers was developed by VS color experts and helps eliminate unwanted oils from hair, without washing out color pigments – leaving no excess residue.

How to use: Shake vigorously before use. Hold 8 – 12 inches away from hair. To target oily scalp, lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots using short bursts. Gently rub in then brush out and style as usual.

What I think: I got a sample of this dry shampoo when I purchased the hair dye for my new color. I had tried a few before, but never specifically for dark rich colors.

While the dry shampoo worked well enough, it wasn't one of my favorites.

The formula felt a little thicker than other spray on versions I've tried before. Depending on how much I sprayed, it left behind a bit of residue that didn't always rub in.

On the second day, I could feel the residue in my hair. While not always visible, I could definitely tell that it was building it with each use.

The smell was very salon-inspired, which I liked, but it was little heavy for me.

As a side note, I didn't have this problem (probably since it was a sample size), but I've seen some other reviews stating that users had issues with the bottle clogging up.

Buy it online: Walgreens $2.49 for 1.7 oz bottle

What do you think about this product? Tell me in the comments below.

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