Samantha Chic: Hair Oil: 5 Benefits of Using Hair Oil


Hair Oil: 5 Benefits of Using Hair Oil

By now, I'm sure you've heard of hair oils, almost every hair brand has their own version. If you've been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, I'm here to tell you the time is now.

As someone whose hair has always been oily, I would have NEVER thought to add oil to my head. Almost a decade ago though I began noticing that every time I left the hair salon for a dye job, which typically dries out your hair, I instead felt smoother, softer, and shinier.

What was the secret? Moroccanoil Treatment! My stylist added it to the dye, on my wet hair before blow drying & styling, after it dried to tame frizz & add shine.

Needless to say, I preach the wonder of Morrocanoil to whoever will listen to me now. Read my full review here.

Here are 5 reasons you should start using hair oil today

  1. Condition -- Hair oils tend to have higher concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids, which means they're good at treating damaged hair.
  2. Add Shine -- Oils add moisture, but their lightweight, non-greasy formulas mean you'll be left with sleek, shiny hair, not a greaseball.
  3. Control Frizz -- Those same vitamins and fatty acids that help repair hair, they also smooth dry, frizzy hair without weighing it down as well.
  4. Reduce Drying Time -- Hair oils tend to soak in quickly, which helps to reduce drying time. Some claim to cut drying time by 40% (that's nearly half!) -- that's 40% less time under a damaging heat nozzle!
  5. Protect When Dyeing -- Adding a little hair oil to your dye mix helps to condition and protect your hair from the harsh chemicals without losing any color.
So, what do you think? Tell me your hair oil experiences in the comments below!

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