Samantha Chic: Fresh Finds: Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30


Fresh Finds: Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30

What it is: Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30

What they say: Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30 & 50 provides super broad spectrum sun protection for face & body in an oil-free, non-comedogenic lotion. Powered by potent antioxidant-rich Cellular Response Technology, this lotion preserves and protects skin’s youthful glow.

How to use: Apply a generous amount to body, face, and neck at least half an hour before heading outside. Reapply every few hours.

What I think: Sunscreen is so important. You have to wear it every day! Let me repeat: Sunscreen is so important!

That being said, I'm actually really bad about wearing sunscreen. I've gotten better though, and smarter about it. 

All of my everyday skin & make-up products have some SPF in it. I carry trial size bottles in my purse for on-to-go application. I stock up on bottles & sprays for outdoor trips.

But I still have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. My face is super oily, so adding something slick to it is a no-go in my book. I also tend to break out more after wearing sunscreen.

After trying Supergoop's CC Cream with SPF, I realized that maybe I can change this relationship. Maybe it's not sunscreen, but me.

So, when I got a trial size of this Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen in my Birchbox, I decided to give it a go during a trip to Baltimore. 

I applied it under my make-up each day and was pleasantly surprised to find that even after two full days in the sun, I didn't have one bit of burn, break-out, or slick skin.

The formula soaked in quickly without leaving behind an oily feeling. I was able to apply my make-up on top of it easily. It's also sheer enough to apply on top of make-up throughout the day.

Overall, I was impressed... and thankful to have saved my skin!

Buy it online: Sephora $19 for small bottle

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