Samantha Chic: Beauty // Beauty & the Braids at Warmsprings Day Spa & Salon


Beauty // Beauty & the Braids at Warmsprings Day Spa & Salon

Warmsprings Day Spa & Salon, my local salon, recently held a Beauty & The Braids event with make-up lessons, hair braiding, chair massages, and manicures. 

It was a decadent event to say the least, but I also got a chance to learn about some cool new products and some tips for mastering the waterfall braid and the smokey eye -- something I have always struggled with.

My nails are the OPI Nordic Collection // Skating on Thin Ice-Land

Smokey Eye Tips & Tricks
-- Don't just use blacks, silvers or browns. Purple is a great alternative for Fall & accentuates all eyes.

-- When applying the lightest shade, cover everything from corner to corner, lid, crease, brow. This provides a neutral base.

--  To find the crease, make an O scared face & raise eyebrows. The indentation is your crease. Only apply color in the middle. Don't extend to the corners.

-- When applying any color, flick up at the end, like a cat eye, to keep eyes bright & wide, instead of drawing downward.
Waterfall Braid Tips & Tricks

-- For beginners: treat the whole style as two separate braids that meet in the middle.

-- Try dropping every 2nd or 3rd strand for a subtler look.

-- When in doubt bobby pins are your best friend. One side of my hair lays better than the other... So one side had a lot of pins.

-- It can be tricky to master on your own. Invite a friend over to offer a spare hand so you can both learn together!

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