Samantha Chic: Samantha Chic: September 2014 Stitch Fix review


Samantha Chic: September 2014 Stitch Fix review

This month marks my 5th Stitch Fix box. I actually really liked this box, but unfortunately, I had a smaller budget this month since we're going on vacation to Maine next week. However, I did keep a couple items. 

I made a note for my stylist next month for ideas of how to incorporate color into a fall/winter wardrobe (I tend to wear all black/grey/brown).

Here's what I got in my box. The pieces ranged from $34 to $64 each for a total of $238. After the $20 styling fee and 25% discount, the whole box could be purchased for $163.50.

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $44 | STATUS: Kept

I had actually pinned this t-shirt on my Stitch Fix Pinterest page for last month, so I was excited to see it in my box.
My eyes raised at bit at $44 for a t-shirt, but once I put it on, I was sold. It might be the comfiest tee I've ever worn and it worked well with a lot of items already in my closet -- both dressed up & down.

Loveappella Kaci Abstract Chevron Swing Skirt $58 | STATUS: Kept

Three things I love -- chevron, black & white, and skirts -- all in one. This one was a no-brainer once I put it on. It was long enough to be appropriate for work, but still versatile enough to wear on dates, weekends, running errands, whatever.

Zad Dorothy Layered Hammered Cuff $34 | STATUS: Sent Back

I recently learned that my boyfriend loves when I wear cuff bracelets (to quote: It makes you look like Wonder Woman), which, I'll admit is a wear occasion. I tend not to wear a lot of jewelry because I never remember to add it on in the morning. So, I liked the idea of a cuff bracelet, but I just wasn't feeling this one.

Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank $38 | STATUS: Sent Back

I hesitated on this one. I liked the embroidery, I liked the colors (remind me of my alma mater WVU!), and I liked the top half. The bottom didn't lay right in person though. So ultimately, it got cut because of my budget constraints this month.

Pomelo Carissa Striped Fit & Flare Dress $64 | STATUS: Sent Back

I'm kind of regretting sending this dress back now, but what's done is done. I love a fit & flare dress. But unlike the rest of my closet, this one has a very sporty feel to it -- something people wouldn't associate with me. I liked it a lot, but again, my budget played a role.

So, that was my 5th box! Tell me what you think about Stitch Fix in the comments below. If you're interested in Stitch Fix, you can sign up here!

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