Samantha Chic: Do you live to blog... or blog to live? Tips & tricks to avoid blogging (or any kind of) burnout


Do you live to blog... or blog to live? Tips & tricks to avoid blogging (or any kind of) burnout

Last month, the New York Times did a feature on two bloggers who hit a rut and had enough. They decided to take time off of their blog indefinitely.

While John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love declined to be interviewed, other bloggers shared their stories about burnout.

Since, I've seen a number of bloggers echo that sentiment or at least share the story to show that #thestruggleisreal. Independent Fashion Bloggers even did a piece "Why Personal Blogs Can Never Really Survive Monetization" addressing burnout.

Now, by no means do I claim to be an expert, but I definitely related to the stories. 

Between maintaining this blog, and working 40 hours a week in healthcare communications, and keeping up with family & friends, and the occasional Netflix binge session, it can be exhausting. 

I have, however, picked up a few tips & tricks in the past almost-two years of blogging....

Batch your work
One of the great things about blogging is that you're your own boss. If you want to work from home in your PJs, no one is going to fire you. If you want to watch TV first then work, no one is going to notice. 

But one of the best practices for me is to batch my work. I try to set aside a few hours each week where I know that all I'm going to do is blog. This puts you in the work mindset and helps you stick to your editorial calendar.

Take it day by day

I work a full-time job on top of blogging so some weeks my "real job" (as I call it) demands more time than my "fake job" (a.k.a. my blog). That's just how it has to be in order to keep a paycheck, pay my bills, and have health insurance.

So, there are weeks that I literally write posts for the next day the night before. I'm not proud of it. I always try to work a week in advance, but life catches up to you sometimes, and you can't help it. Don't beat yourself up.

Not everything needs a filter

It sometimes feels like you have to post, and tweet, and comment, and Instagram all day, every day. But blogging is not my full-time job. So, 40 hours a week is dedicated to my "real job" (all hail the beauty of scheduled posts!). 

Also, I live in a small town so most of my days go like this: Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Cook dinner. Blog. Watch Netflix. Sleep. I'm not traveling or hitting up hip restaurants or going to spas or visiting designer show rooms. 

So when I do go out, it's really tempting to share. But it's also important to have some moments to yourself. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Make lists & schedule in advance

One of the upsides is that there are a lot of scheduling tools available so you can blog in advance. I usually try to have the next week or two of posts prepared at any given time so I'm ahead of the game, but they're still fresh & relevant content.

Having an editorial calendar, making to-do lists, and maintaining a schedule makes a world of difference. It can be tough though to stick to them though -- life does happen. But remember, it's OK to take it day by day!

Overall, it's a balancing act. I love blogging - truly! 
It's a great creative outlet and lets me share my interests with others. I love connecting with readers, swapping tips & tricks, and helping other discover new products.

And -- for now at least -- that keeps me going each day.

What tips & tricks to you use daily -- whether you're a blogger or not -- to help prevent burn out? Tell me in the comments below.

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