Samantha Chic: A Reflection on 2014...


A Reflection on 2014...

So, it's that time again when one year ends and another begins...

New Year's Eve is tonight, which will bring about the official end of 2014. So much happened this year that I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2014, which was a pretty big year for me since graduating college in 2011. 

  • I completed one year at my new job (I switched from print journalism to health care marketing & PR in Summer 2013).
  • I moved in with The Boyfriend in February and we've made a nice little life together.
  • I traveled a lot -- numerous trips to Pittsburgh, Pa., Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md., but also to Charlotte, NC, Chicago, Ill., Grinnell, Iowa, and Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • I got to spend a lot more time with family & friends this year (a perk of the job change -- normal hours).
  • I focused on healthy lifestyle changes -- drink more water, give up caffeine, improve sleep habits, and incorporate organic food.
Most importantly, I really focused on growing my blog (I celebrated 2 years and 500 posts last month!) and was overwhelmed by how many people read & comment every single day. A huge shout out to all of you lovely readers!

So, as many people are wont to do, let's take a stroll down memory lane with the 10 posts you loved the most in 2014...

If you're looking for the perfect winter boot, look no further. I've got all the best styles that you can shop right from the site!

I partnered with U by Kotex to help you pack the perfect weekend bag, including a free sample of their pads.

You guys LOVED the Stitch Fix reviews this year. This box was the very first one I got and I wear this bracelet and these Kut From the Kloth jeans all the time now.

And another... Six months later, you still love the reviews! This was one of my favorite boxes so far (I'm wearing the pants from it as I write this).

This is my ALL TIME favorite hairspray and you guys loved it, too!

I loved the jeans in this box so much that they've become my date-night go to denim this year.

A lot of great pieces in my June box, but it's one of the few that I sent back all the items.

The bright pants in this box have been the perfect pop of color and I can't wait to wear them again this spring.

The t-shirt in this box might be the comfiest one I've ever worn, and goes perfectly with the skirt!

You guys LOVED this post, which is funny because I actually didn't keep any of the items in this box!

Thanks so much for reading!
I hope that 2015 if filled with love and brings you lots of laughs, smiles, adventures, and good times.

Happy New Year!

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