Samantha Chic: Beauty // reBom Classic Therapy Calming Skin


Beauty // reBom Classic Therapy Calming Skin

What it is: reBom Classic Therapy Calming Skin 

What they say: Suffering from sensitive, problematic skin? reBomCalssic Therapy is a skin care product line for dry and sensitive skin relief. It contains ceramide which quickly restores the skin’s protective layer, in addition to niacin, phytosphingosine with antibacterial effects.

How to use: After cleansing the skin, dispense toner onto a cotton pad and wipe all across the face.

What I think: I first got this product in a Memebox -- a Korean beauty box.

Upon writing this post, I learned that apparently you're not supposed to spray directly on your face, but on a cotton ball first. Oops!

As I mentioned in my skin layering post, I'd spray this reBom toner all over my face and neck after cleansing then let dry.

It has a really light, almost non-existent smell, but the product is really moisturizing without feeling heavy on your face. The spray didn't irritate my skin (or eyes for that matter).

What I liked best was how light and refreshing it felt at the end of the night before loading up on heavier product.

Even in the morning, if I didn't get a good night's sleep, this was great for waking up tired skin and just giving you that little extra boost to look dewy & not dry.

I'm not sure if I really noticed a difference as a toner though. Maybe that would have worked better if I used as directed.

Overall though, this product has definitely hooked me on facial mists. Even though I've abandoned a lot of the layering technique, I've definitely kept this in rotation.

Buy it online: Memebox $30 for 200ml bottle

What do you think about this product? Tell me in the comments below.

Disclosure: The project received in this post was received free of charge from Memebox. All views are my own.

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