Samantha Chic: Craving // Blizzard Ready Winter Boots


Craving // Blizzard Ready Winter Boots

If you live in sunny California, then this post is of no use to you. But if you -- like me -- live in the Northeast, then you know a "historic" snowstorm is coming our way tonight. And if this year is anything like last year, it's not going to let up in February, either.

The best thing I did last year was buy a pair of Hunter wellies. I use them year-round -- in the rain during the Spring, if I'm walking somewhere muddy in the Summer, and through the snow in the Winter.

Luckily for us in winter climates, there are some great snow boot options that will keep you on your feet when it's slick and nice & toasty when it's cold...

Sorel boots come in a variety of designs & colors, but these with the blue laces caught my eye. Fashion forward & winter weather approved, what could be better?

As I said above, I love my Hunter wellies, though I do have to line them for winter. However, they offer a shearling lined version as well.

L.L. Bean is a go-to for stylish outdoor wear, and their in-house boots meet those standards as well.

Last, but not least, the ever popular (though no one will admit they own them) Ugg boots

They've gotten a bad rap, mostly because of "Basic" girls wearing them with leggings and a Northface day after day (or remember in the 2000s when it was "cool" to wear them with a skirt?!). But let's be real, they keep your feet warm and that's all that matters some days!

What's your favorite boots in the winter months? Tell me in the comments below!

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