Samantha Chic: Beauty // My Experience Trying a Skin Care Layering Routine


Beauty // My Experience Trying a Skin Care Layering Routine

A few months ago, I read an article in the Sept. 2014 issue of Marie Claire about the differences in how Japanese and American women approach skin care.

In the article, they discussed how Japanese women use a dozen or more skin care products. They become an integral part of their routine, sometimes allowing 20 minutes for each product to absorb.

The article said to start with the lightest layer and work to the thickest. For instance, start with a softener, then a concentrate, a serum, a moisturizer, and a product with SPF to finish.

I had recently gotten a sample of Shiseido's Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (recommended in the article) and owned or had samples of most of the other products, so I decided to give it a try.

Here's how it worked...

I cleanse my face every night with my Clarisonic Mia and this face wash from Origins. Typically, I then just add whatever moisturizer I'm using at the moment (I change it up for seasons and needs of my skin).

But now I'm layering, so I started with a calming facial mist that I had received in a Memebox, a Korean beauty box. I had never used facial mists before, but I liked the way it felt and it was a nice refresher.

Once that dried, usually about 5 to 10 minutes, I then layered on the Ultimune Concentrate.  I gave that about 15 to 20 minutes to soak in then I added this Marcelle New Age 8-in-1 Power Serum.

Lastly came the face cream. Again, I used a Korean brand I received in a Memebox, but typically in the winter I like to use this one from Fresh or this one from Dr. Jart (in the summer, I swear by Garnier).

Ok, so now that you know what I did, what were the results?

Well, it took me about a week or so to adjust to and remember to use so many products. I had to designate a special spot on my counter so I'd remember to use them. 

Then waiting in between and remembering to go back and apply the next one took some time to work into my routine as well.

I used all the products 4-5 times a week for 4 weeks and while my skin did seem more moisturized and has held up well against the harsh winter air, it definitely has been breaking out more than usual.

It might just be the Holiday indulgences, but I really think it was the sheer number of products on my face. I have sensitive skin and I think it was just too much on my face.

I know it takes a few weeks for your skin to adjust to new products, but I haven't seen any signs of my skin bouncing back yet. The breakouts just keep on happening and won't go away.

Overall, I'm not sure if layering is for me. I loved the Ultimune Concentrate though, so I'll probably work that into my routine eventually. But for now, I'm going to stick with cleanser and one moisturizer.

I'll be doing in depth reviews of the products used over the next few weeks.

What do you think though? Have you tried product layering before? What were the results? Tell me in the comments below.

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