Samantha Chic: Craving // Kate Spade Saturday x New Balance Sneakers


Craving // Kate Spade Saturday x New Balance Sneakers

So, you may have all heard the news that last week Kate Spade announced they would be shutting down their Saturday and Jack Spade stores. Apparently, they'll be incorporating both into the current Kate Spade seasonal lines and also launching a children's line.

Just the day before the announcement I ordered a pair of the new sneakers created in collaboration with New Balance (the Signature Zag version, if you're wondering). 

I've never been much of a sneaker person, but I loved the punchy colors and signature stripes. As I explained to my boyfriend, these are fashion sneakers, not running, jumping, mudding sneakers.

I'll be interested to see what the future holds for Kate Spade Saturday, but for now, I'm anxiously awaiting my new sneakers. Stock up on all the best Saturday items here.

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