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Craving // Products that Support MS Awareness Week

It's the first week of March, which means we're that much closer to Spring! But it also means that it's MS Awareness Week!

Last year I shared on the blog that my Daddy has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. While a year has passed and there's still no cure for MS, there is still hope.

More and more research is being done about MS, more medications to manage symptoms are being developed, more advertising about the disease is being placed. And, if you haven't guessed, there's many ways to merge two of my favorite activities -- shopping & giving back -- in support of MS Awareness.

Where to shop?
Race to Erase MS, which is supported by Kelly & Sharon Osbourne (brother & son, Jack, also has MS), has a lot of great apparel, including their 2015 Race to Erase MS tee. I also love these orange bracelets, and this Made Strong tee for the dudes.

Another great option, which I just learned about his year, is Shemar Moore's shop ...yes, the guy from Criminal Minds! Shemar's mother was diagnosed with MS many years ago and he now has his Baby Girl line with proceeds supporting MS research. This hoodie, yoga pants and beanie combo will keep you warm the rest of winter.

With my Dad in May 2011 during my
graduation from West Virginia University

What else can we do?
Everyone has their own reasons for supporting causes. If you find this one to be a worthy cause then you can join me in raising necessary funds to conduct research and find a cure for MS.

We can't do it alone, but together, we can do this! Thank you for your support!

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