Samantha Chic: Beauty // Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector


Beauty // Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector

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What it is: Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector

What they say: BIGGER than BB! Why? Two reasons. First, big easy balances moisture & controls oil. Second, the cushiony liquid-to- powder formula melts in like a cream, yet finishes lightweight & velvety like a powder.

How to use: Apply to moisturized face with fingertips, blending for an even, natural finish. Pat on more wherever you want to build coverage.

What I think: I love Benefit... so I really wanted to like this product, but I just can't. It's not for me, my skin tone or skin type.

I got a foil sample in a Birchbox and decided to buy a full size. I actually bought the full size version in Feb. 2014, but at the time my skin was really dry and I didn't get good results. 

So I decided to try again later, and used it in the Summer but got the same results. I hung on to the bottle because I hate to waste. I've been using it for a couple months now in the hopes of using it up, but I can't use it anymore. I'm going to have to cut my losses.

First, my biggest issue is the shade. The sample I got was the 2nd lightest shade and it was still too dark. I purchased the lightest shade available (named "Fair") and it was still too dark on my face no matter what season it was.

This has always been a huge issue for me. My skin must look and/or photograph darker than it really is because whenever I get my make-up done, they're shocked that the shade they picked for me doesn't blend into my skin.

I consistently am buying the lightest shade available only to find it is still too dark for my skin. I know some people say that buying a shade or two dark is OK because it will give you a nice, warm glow. But there's having a glow, and then there's looking like you don't own a mirror.

Secondly, I didn't like the texture and thickness of the cream. I don't like to have a lot on my face and this just felt so heavy all the time. Even when I cut it with some moisturizer, it still felt like my face couldn't breath.

Lastly, I didn't like the liquid-to-powder results. I thought that since my skin is pretty oily this would help give it a nice matte effect. But what I saw in the mirror was weird cake-y patches around my whole face that never blended in.

Overall, this was not for me at all. But I know some people rave about it. So let me know what you think in the comments below.

Buy it online: Sephora $46

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