Samantha Chic: Style // Mixing Old & New for an Updated Summer Style


Style // Mixing Old & New for an Updated Summer Style

Shirt: Francesca's // Skirt: Target (past season) // Shoes: Target (past season)
Necklace & Belt: Belonged to Great-Grandmother

As I've gotten older and started to hang out to clothing items for longer, I've really enjoying coming up with creative ways to mix old items with new and create a whole new outfit.

I picked up this chambray tank last month at the mall when I was visiting my parents and thought it would be great to pair with teal colored skirt. The colors compliment each other and the skirt gives the laid-back tank a dressier vibe.
Then I decided to go with brown accessories to anchor the whole look and make it cohesive. I've had these wooden heels for at least 5 or 6 years now, but I only wore them on special occasions (mostly because I have a hard time walking in them). 

Their wooden elements thought make them on-trend with this summer's 70s vibe so I decided to break them out again.

A necklace in belt that I inherited from my Great-Grandmother in similar tones keep the look cohesive and add a vintage element to my look.

One of the great things about hanging on to items is that you get to do this fun mix-and-matching and each item has a story. 

The downside is that you need to find places to store them. I have items in my closet that I have worn in years, but then they'll come back in style & I'll break them out again.

What do you think - is it better to hang on, or let things go? Tell me in the comments below!

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