Samantha Chic: Beauty // Tocca Cleopatra Crema da Mano


Beauty // Tocca Cleopatra Crema da Mano

What it is: Tocca Cleopatra Crema da Mano

What they say: Our Cleopatra Crema da Mano is a moisturizing, quick absorbing hand cream enriched with natural extracts from shea butter, avocado oil and aloe.  A blend of cucumber and grapefruit emits a light and clean, yet luxuriously exotic scent underscoring Cleopatra’s indulgence for her milk baths. 

How to use:  Slip it into your handbag, tote, wherever. It’s the perfect travel-size cream to treat your hands to a little pampering on-the-go.
What I think: In the past few years, hand cream has become a very important step in my nightly routine as well as throughout the day. I work for a health care system so my office regularly stocks medical grade soap in the bathrooms, which can be drying on your hands.

That being said though, I've learned that not all hand creams are created equally. During the day, I hate the feeling the being slick or greasy and I need something that soaks in quickly. At night having something a little thicker is OK, but it still needs to soak in and do the job effectively.

This hand cream from Tocca marries the best of both worlds. It's light enough to use throughout the day, but powerful enough to pack a punch overnight.

The formula felt smooth and silky when applying and it soaked in pretty quickly while rubbing it in. Best of all, it left my hands feeling soft and hydrated, not slick or greasy.

My favorite part of this hand cream is the scent though. I absolutely love anything with cucumber in it (I'm looking at you Bath & Body Works with your cucumber melon) and pairing the scent with grapefruit smells amazing. 

It smelled light and refreshing like a crisp summer's day, but also with a hint of fruitiness to it, which was a nice surprise.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out a sample of this hand cream (which I had gotten in one of my monthly Birchboxes) and plan on buying the full size in the future.

What do you think? Have you tried it before? Tell me in the comments below!

Buy it online: Nordstrom $32 for 6.5 oz bottle

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