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Style // How To: Transition to Fall

As the weather starts to cool down, it can be hard to dress for the day. Cool mornings, but warm afternoons and some offices still blasting the AC don't make it easy. But there are a few tricks to the trade that might help you out...

Tip #1: Layer Strategically

A cardigan is by far your best friend in the transitional seasons, especially if you work in an office environment. 

While you may still wear a cardigan in AC blasted offices during the summer, they’re typically more bright and vibrant colors. When the fall comes around, pick more seasonally appropriate colors, such as navy, gray, rust, or brown.

Cardigans are a great way to extend summery tank tops into fall, but also as it get even colder to layer over long sleeve items. A nice flannel or white button down is the perfect base for a cardigan. Pair it with dress pants for work or your favorite pair of jeans for the weekend.

If it's still a little warm out, roll the sleeves and let a bit of the undershirt peak out.
 Tip #2: Think outside the outer layer

For the most part when people think about layering, I think they tend to lean towards adding on outer layers. But adding a layer underneath is also an option.

After watching The Mindy Project for the past few seasons, I noticed Mindy tends to layer shirts under dresses or vests for work. So, needless to say, I started doing the same.

This was one of the best tricks I picked up last year and it made dressing for work so much easier. I love to wear dresses, but wasn't sure how to keep them interesting and warm in the fall.

A white button down is always a perfect base, but play with patterned or colored ones as well. As the temperatures drop even more, add tights and booties to the outfit.
Tip #3: Add tights and accessories

As mentioned above, adding tights to a dress or skirt is another great  way to extend the look into fall.

But accessories are also a great option. Pick a lightweight, but insulated trench to add polish to any outfit, and also to keep you warm in the cool mornings.

A felt heat and knee-high suede boots also add style, but are cool weather appropriate.

When in doubt, stick to a similar color palette. Yes, accessories are a great way to add a pop of color, which you can do, but I also think fall is the perfect time to try out a monochrome look.
 Tip #4: Emphasize your best feature

When you're layering up in the fall (and especially the winter) it can be easy to get lost in the layers and lose your shape.

But there are ways to keep your shape and be weather appropriate.

If you're wearing a long cardigan, add a skinny belt to define your waist. Or, keep the cropped top trend going into fall with a cropped cardigan that hits right at your waist, drawing eyes to there.

Also, if you love showing off your legs, add a pair of heeled booties to give you that height and definition. I love boots with tights in the fall. I only ever wear boots with tights, not bare legs, because I think it makes your legs look so much better.

Tip #5: Mix up the color palette

Yes, fall is the season of changing colors, but that doesn't mean you need to adopt them all at once.

Keep summery neutrals and bright colors going into fall, but only in a limited amount.

Brown is a great in-between color to slowly transition into fall. It's not as harsh as black or navy, but still dark enough to make you look season appropriate.

Oranges, yellows, and reds lend themselves as a pop of color to keep you outfit interesting.

One of my favorite pieces for fall is my light cream jacket. It's warm and comfy, but the color offers some added interest among all the darker tones.

Whatever you do to transition, the key is to have fun with your wardrobe. Spring and Fall are some of the most interesting times for your closet because you can literally mix and match everything.

What do you think? Share your tips & tricks for making a fall transition in the comments below!

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