Samantha Chic: Beauty // Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant


Beauty // Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

What it is: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

What they say: Take today fearlessly with Clinical Strength Deodorant Protection in Smooth Solid form! It has soothing emollients to help condition the skin. Offers 4X protection from stress sweat. Skin conditioners protect against the irritation of shaving. Odor-fighting capsules absorb odor all day long.

How to use:  For optimal performance, apply at bedtime. It will work while you sleep to reduce excess perspiration. It will continue to protect you throughout your next day even if you bathe or shower the next morning.
What I think: So, I'm not afraid to talk about deodorant and sweat on here, I've done it twice before -- here and here. Excessive sweating was always a horrible problem as a teenager, but thankfully, it's evened out a bit as I've gotten older.

During the summer months though, it's still an issue, and since I'm moving to a much warmer climate (more on that here), I figured it was probably time to learn more about clinical strength options.

I've gotten a few samples of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant this year either from companies or through various beauty boxes. Most recently, I got Gel version from BzzAgent, but I've also tried the Smooth Solid and accidentally purchased the Invisible Solid thinking it was the smooth one.

Having tried all three versions, I've got to say my favorite is the Smooth Solid -- it goes on, well, smoothly, and I feel like it gives better coverage and protection. It applied completely clear and didn't leave any tell-tale white marks on my clothes.

It also doesn't irritate my skin at all, which is often a concern when you're shaving your underarms regularly. My underarms actually looked and felt a lot smoother than I was expecting as well. Overall, this has been one of the best deodorants I've ever applied.

The Gel was probably my second favorite, but I didn't like it as much because it made my underarms feel wet while it soaked in and dried. And then the Invisible Solid came in third for me since it was like any other solid stick.

In terms of sweat protection, I felt like these really stood up to their claims. I applied at night as directed, which I felt did help. I've read many times in the past that it takes a while for antiperspirant to kick in so you should apply at night.

During the summer days, my underarms stayed cool and dry while I was at work. If I worked out or was outside for a long time, I did sweat a bit, but it wasn't anything like the soaking through my shirt teenage days.

Overall, I really liked the Smooth Solid version a lot and will be switching to it for regularly use (once I use up all my samples)!

Buy it online: Amazon $13.62 for pack of 2

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