Samantha Chic: Style // My 7 Favorite TV Shows for Style Inspiration


Style // My 7 Favorite TV Shows for Style Inspiration

So, as I mentioned last week, I’m currently in the midst of packing, consolidating, and donating all of my items as Ryan and I prepare to move across the country. 

And, again, my posts might be a little irregular or deviate from the norm, but I wanted to still post something Style related today.

So, for today, here are the 7 TV shows I’ve gotten style inspiration from…

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1. Gilmore Girls – Despite being my ALL TIME favorite TV show (and hey, by the way, did you hear about that possible revival? YES!!!), I feel like this isn’t really an obvious choice. Yes, they have their fashion moments, but their closest very much represent, in my opinion, a real woman’s closet – they repeat items, borrow from each other, etc.

However, what I do love, especially now that I’m older, is seeing Lorelai’s style evolution at work. You can see in the beginning when she just got the manager position that her suits were very structured and classic. Later, as a co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn, she begins to start incorporating more color, different styles, etc. all while still being professional.

2. The Mindy Project – My second favorite show of all time, I love Mindy’s bold colors, crazy patterns, eclectic print mixing and more! She’s a woman who knows what works for her body, isn’t afraid to take chances, goes big or goes home with style, and manages to pull it off each and every time!

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3. Revenge – I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with Emily’s classic yet updated wardrobe of neutrals, clean lines, and flirty cocktail dresses. I’m so obsessed in fact, that I created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to her style, as well as some favorite looks from Ashley, Charlotte and Victoria. This really was one well-dressed cast!

Get more: Inspired by Revenge? Check out some of the item's Emily's worn!

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4. Gossip Girl – I think this one goes without saying… Did anyone really watch this show for the story line, or did you really tune in to see the fashions? I definitely tuned in for the styles each and every week. I bounced back and forth between whose I liked more -- Serena's edgy and carefree looks, or Blair's preppy and polished outfits.

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5. Bewitched – Again, perhaps not an obvious choice, but the 60s have been having a moment these past couple years so why not throw it back to an original? I remember watching reruns of this show as a child and enjoying it for the tricks, but now that I’m watching it again on DVD, I love the styles and fashion from that time.

6. Sex and the City – Could any list be complete without Sex and the City? I don’t think so. While I love Carrie’s eclectic style, I actually gravitated more towards Charlotte’s classic and preppy looks more often.

7. The Hills – I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, but I do love Lauren Conrad and her laid back, California cool style. She another person I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to as well. Also, I read once, too, that she worked really hard to make sure she never repeated an outfit on the show. 

So, what do you think? Do you agree with my picks, or are there some other TV shows you love for style inspiration? Tell me in the comments below!

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