Samantha Chic: Beauty // R+Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo


Beauty // R+Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo

What it is: R+Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo

What they say: Not your granny’s dry shampoo. DEATH VALLEY is the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. Good for: Easy, big, messy Bardot (or Bon Jovi) hair.

How to use: Give your hair a shot of Death Valley whenever you want and it will liven right up.

What I think: Even though I have fairly oily roots, I don't like to wash my hair every day because then my ends get really dry and frizzy. 

All my life I've washed my hair every other day (sometimes every third day), but I didn't start using dry shampoo until a few years ago. Now I'm not quite sure how I lived without it!

I've tried a few over the years (read here, here and here) and recently tried this version from R+Co, which I got in one of my monthly Birchbox boxes. Since it was a nice sized travel one, I was hanging on to it for our cross-country trip so I wouldn't have a large can.

Since several Birchbox staff members have mentioned how much they love this R+Co dry shampoo, I was really hoping for something great, but sadly, I was a little let down.

When my hair wasn't too bad, I could notice a little bit of improvement. But overall, it barely made a difference on my second day hair and did absolutely nothing to alleviate any oil on third day hair. 

Where it helped though was adding texture and volume to my first day hair. This dry shampoo also smelled great and left behind a nice scent.

Would I buy the full size? Probably not since I need an actual dry shampoo. But if you're looking for something to add a little texture to your hair, this would be good.

What do you think? Have you tried this before? Tell me in the comments below!

Buy it online: Neiman Marcus $29 for 6.3 oz bottle

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