Samantha Chic: Unboxing // February 2016 Stitch Fix review


Unboxing // February 2016 Stitch Fix review

Another month, another Stitch Fix review... But this time it's a whole new year! Welcome to the first Stitch Fix review for 2016.

This month marks my 22nd Stitch Fix box (you can sign up here if you're interested), and it's actually the first time in a while I kept an item.

The pieces ranged from $48 to $88 each for a total of $320. After the $20 styling fee and 25% discount, the whole box could be purchased for $220.

Market & Spruce Bake Henley Top $68
STATUS: Sent Back

This top just wasn't quite up my alley... it's a little too tunic and bohemian for me.

I liked the navy with the floral print and I do like 3/4 length sleeves, but overall, it was a little too long for me (short torso problems), and just not quite my style.

As you can tell in the photos too, the fabric was a bit on the sheer side and would probably need a tank or something layered underneath of it.

BRIXON IVY Belrose Dress $68
STATUS: Sent Back

It kind of blows my mind that the top and dress cost the same...

The stylist said she picked this dress because I have a few Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl pictures pinned on my Pinterest boards and it definitely reminds me of that.

In reality though, the fabric was a little too clingy (you'd see every curve and panty line underneath) and the pattern was a little too busy for me.

Pistola Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

This is the first item I've kept in I don't know how long...

I'm in dire need of new jeans since almost all the ones I own don't fit anymore or are falling apart, so these were a welcome addition to my closet.

When I first pulled them out, I almost didn't even try them on because I was convinced they would never fit. Luckily, I tried them on because they have amazing stretch and the moved really well.

The only thing that confused me was the zippers on the inside hem...

Urban Expressions Richie Asymmetrical Clutch $4
STATUS: Sent Back

I seriously thought about keeping this clutch for a while, but in the end decided to send it back.

Looking at the picture now, I kind of wish I had kept it, but I'm a pretty loyal bag carrier and rarely switch them up.

On this one though, I liked that the folded over flap opened up to a large pocket, but you could also unzip the flap and open up to an even larger pocket.

Also, the color and shape really interested me.

Skies are Blue Loni Open Back Knit Top $48
STATUS: Sent Back

I love a good tank, but not for $48 so I ended up passing on this one.

There really wasn't anything wrong with it, just the price -- in fact, the back (pictured below) is actually kind of interesting.

I actually don't own any red items so this would have been a welcome addition to my closet, but the style just reminded me of something I could get for much cheaper at Forever 21 or H&M.

So, that was my 22nd box! Tell me what you think about Stitch Fix in the comments below. If you're interested in Stitch Fix, you can sign up here!

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