Samantha Chic: Living // 5 Things I've Learned Since Turning 21


Living // 5 Things I've Learned Since Turning 21

This is 27! Celebrating with In-N-Out Burger
So, on Monday I turned another year older (I’m 27 now - woohoo)! At first I wasn’t going to do a birthday/life update post, but this week Ryan’s sister and two of her friends are also spending Spring Break with us. 

All of them are under 21 and can’t wait to hit that milestone, which made me realize I’m starting to get pretty far removed from the milestone ...which isn’t a bad thing.

I feel like we put a lot of emphasis on the fact that turning 21 is the last major milestone (though some argue that 30 for women is a major milestone) and that it’s “all downhill from here.” 

But looking back, I’ve had so many milestones since then. They might not have happened on my birthday, but they were definitely significant…

Several reporter's notebooks that bit the dust at my first job
22 - I graduated from college and got a full-time job in my chosen field within a month, which back in 2011 coming out of the recession was a really, really big deal. No, seriously… I had more random people at bars buy me shots celebrating my job than I have for any other occasion including turning 21. There’s so much uncertainty right after college that landing a job is a really awesome thing!

23 - I moved into my very own apartment and lived by myself for the first time ever. When you live on your own you are your own master -- you decide what to cook or to eat out, when (or if) to clean up, what to watch on TV, how to pay your bills, etc. Even though I only lived on my own for a year and a half, I’m so glad I did it.

24 - I moved in with my significant other for the first time ever, which is always a major step in a relationship no matter what age you are. Combining your items, deciding who will do what chores, splitting the bills - it’s such a great experience for growth and to take your relationship to another level.

25 - I really got a handle on finances this year. After a few years in the job market, I finally got a good grasp of 401ks, what to save, where to spend, how to budget, etc. I had some fun buying random things, but learning how to manage money is really what made this move to California possible. 

With my car, Truman, back in 2010
26 - Two major things happened to me during 26: 1) I paid off my car, which I had purchased brand new at 21. After 5 years of payment, I couldn’t have been happier! And 2) I made the decision with Ryan to move across the country and pursue my dream of living in California. It was such a year of deciding what my future would look like on small and large levels.

So, they might not be as obvious as turning 18 and being able to vote or turning 21 and being able to buy alcohol, but there’s definitely milestones that are worth reaching each and every year… even if you don’t realize it until hindsight.

What milestones have you been excited to hit since turning 21, or what are you looking forward to ? Tell me in the comments below!

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